Safe Bitcoin Invest is a newly formed venture and we are based out of London. Our sole aim is to provide a lucrative investment opportunity for our members. The funds we collect from investors will be used for the acquisition and development of high quality silver properties and mines. Such mines are somewhat of a rarity and hence is an incredible investment opportunity!

Silver has often been called the poor man's gold and while silver prices have always been below the price gold, prices of the two metals have generally tracked together since the factors that affect gold also tend to affect silver. Silver, however, has a wider range of uses and is priced for its industrial uses in electronics, photography, jewelry and elsewhere in addition to its financial role. Like gold, silver is also traded at a number of exchanges around the world. Newly mined metal provides most of the needed supply of silver, with much of it coming as a byproduct from mining for other metals. About 75 percent of the worlds annual supply of silver comes from mining production and we aim to tap into this market.

In return for investing with us, we are offering 4600% up to 6100% . Please note that the interest in the plan is credited only on weekdays . Members can earn interest with us for however long they wish and can withdraw their principal at any time directly from their account. There is a 25% fee which will be levied on the principal amount when the deposit is closed.